I first heard about Equitouch Reiki from a friend who's pony was having sessions to help with stressy behaviour and loading problems.  After seeing the progress they made I decided to give it a go.  My 8 year old section D is a bit of a pocket rocket, his general behaviour is good but he can get excited.  I've struggled getting near his ears if I need to actually touch them or do anything to them and also loading/travelling has been stressful.  He's come over the bar twice in the trailer and I struggle to load him by myself as he 'messes around' at the ramp and if you push him, he'll just get wound up and ends up travelling badly.  After 2 sessions with Sarah I was able to hold his ears in my hands and started to be able to get my thumbs into his ears without being thrown aside.  When it came to loading he walked straight up to the trailer (instead of stopping 20 yards away with his head up 'on alert'), then just sniffed the ramp and walked quietly on, he then travelled much more quietly than he has for a long time.  Sarah is great to deal with, brilliant service and gets the job done. I can't recommend her enough.  

Jane, May 2017

Amazing customer service, was always there before the actual appointment and always does everything to fit Ronnie in as soon as possible. You were very good at explaining everything including his reactions and what I could do to improve things for him. During the treatment he started pointing with his nose to the areas he wanted you to work on and once he felt you move the energy he started to move his legs repeatedly. After the treatment he was a lot calmer all round especially after having 3 months box rest. He looked extremely happy when I went up to see him the day after, unbelievably perky and happy in himself and I've not seen him like that for a long time. He wasn't resting his hind limbs a lot which he did do 24/7 during his injury period. I would 100% recommend Sarah and already have.

Alysha Sept 2016

I found Sarah's customer service very pleasant & professional on every visit. She seemed to instantly strike up a rapport with our pony Beano which aided him to relax & enjoy the whole experience. We loved how she described his personality to a T & watched on in awe as he seemed to indicate places to her which he wanted treating . I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Sarah to anybody embarking on trying equine Reiki . We can't wait for our next appointment.

Paula Sept 2016

Sarah provided me with excellent customer service . Worked around me to fit us in . Days after the session Sarah  contacted me to see if belle was ok.  During the treatment Sarah approached Belle talking softly her body language was very quiet, calm and showed  a caring nature .  Whilst working with Belle - she can be quite nosey, to begin with she didn't show much interest but as the session progressed she soon showed signs of relaxation and contentment. As the session came to an end Belle began to yawn and drop her head . I have been experiencing problems mounting her, after the session she appears to be more at ease when I mount her. I would definitely recommend Sarah who provides a good caring service.

Andrea Sept 2016

I thought Sarah was friendly, professional and exuded calm and confidence. Barney responded well and he is not a very sociable horse. I saw him relax visibly and he licked and chewed and yawned. I can't say I saw much change in him after as he is quite a closed horse but I was impressed by your evaluation of his character. I definitely think he benefited and enjoyed the session. Thank you x   

Sue Oct 2016

I think Sarahs' customer service is excellent, she was always very punctual for each booking.  she was very calm and understanding of my pony, knowing that he can be a little unsettled with people he's not familiar with. I thought the way Troy relaxed with Sarah was amazing, as a very up tight pony it was great to see him chill out and go to sleep while she worked on him. In the stable he can be quite a bully and push us around. I found Troy to be much more relaxed following his sessions and he was much more loving towards me and my daughter Anais. I would certainly recommend Sarah to friends.

Kirsty, Oct 2016